Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

Someone has been a very naughty funeral director and blogger! Mea Culpa! Well not naughty, not really. Just incredibly busy and I feel I owe the Interweb an apology and explanation.

So here’s the apology, I am genuinely sorry it’s been six months since my last post.

And the explanation: it’s several explanations really. It begins with my father being diagnosed with prostate cancer, then renal/kidney cancer, then brain cancer, and passing away finally with lung cancer. I’ll probably put together a blog about that when I can. It was fast and furious and at least I got to return to lovely Western NY twice to be with him. Dad was a private person but I don’t think he would mind me telling that story.

To that we’ll add emergency surgery on my gall bladder (that will deserve a whole blog post for SURE!) Lucky I lived through that adventure… 10 days in the hospital, a magical time.

Next we’ll add the fact that my competition got shut down by the state, which is a shocking story, and it also deserves it’s own post. Naturally that means we got a little busier at the funeral home, while my dad is dying and I’m laying in the hospital myself of course.

Lastly the family went ahead and purchased the competition’s old funeral establishment. Which naturally needed some remodeling and then moving and so on, a state inspection to open,  as well as notifying every single pre-need on file that we have their information safe an sound, then add a little marketing on top of that to make sure the community understands what’s going on.

WHEW! If you’re in the funeral business you know that when it rains it pours; feast or famine we say.

So I PROMISE to be a better blogger; life’s deaths, discoveries, dreams and all that good stuff for you.  Mea Culpa!!




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