Inspiration & Tone

The inspiration for a funeral business blog came to me about six months ago when I was studying for the California funeral director exam. I was researching cremation technology and stumbled onto some really excellent blogs and articles. I decided a blog would be a super addition to my own professional development in the death care industry. More importantly I hope to address some of the common questions I get as a budding funeral director in Lake Isabella, CA. This way everyone can get answers to questions about the funeral business and funeral situations.

Most folks have some of the same general questions regarding final wishes, whether discussing their own or the final wishes of a loved one. People have questions about costs, payment methods, insurance situations and paperwork to name a few. Others want to know about unique memorial service ideas, and a rare few (myself included) are very interested in the details of  death care. “Like, what exactly is in embalming fluid anyways?” I plan on addressing these sorts of topics and many others with this publication.

I pondered this blog for a long time before launching it. I searched and researched, I read and re-read content of all kinds; especially funeral industry blogs written by other directors (like Confessions of a Funeral Director by Caleb Wilde  and Little Miss Funeral) and other funeral home staff. I’m hoping to address some common issues faced by grieving families and to present some fascinating historical funeral topics. Readers are welcome to leave comments and questions. Due to the nature of my business comments must be respectful towards individuals and towards death itself. Name calling, spamming, disrespect for deceased individuals just won’t be tolerated.

Oh, and one last thing. The nature of this blog is largely entertaining and just a bit educational. You should note that mortuary science is indeed a science, like any other. Over time research changes, technology adapts and scientific information I post today might not be valid in 5 years. The same goes for legal information, like contract law, which is a daily topic in the mortuary field. Laws change all the time. So if you’re using this blog and find a law cited or a study cited, please do your own “due diligence” regarding research. I make no claims that information I publish will be forever “legal” or ” scientifically accurate”, this blog is strictly for entertainment. Did I just sneak a disclaimer in here? Nice!